Using Propane

Understanding the range of propane uses

Propane is an efficient, clean alternative fuel that can provide steady, reliable heating energy at an affordable price. Considered a “green” energy source, propane can help both homeowners and businesses reduce emissions and protect the environment while enjoying substantial savings over other fuel sources.

Besides providing space heating for your home or business, propane gives you plenty of other options because it’s the most versatile fuel around.

Review your many options, whether residential or commercial, and then contact your local propane company to discover all the ways you can benefit by expanding your use of propane.

Propane for your home

Endless hot water, reliable cooking temperatures, an affordable heat source and a ready supply of fuel in your propane residential tank are just some of the benefits of using propane in your home. Read more.

Propane for your business

Propane-fueled equipment heats and powers commercial space more efficiently than just about any other method, making it a low-cost choice for your business. Plus, propane burns cleaner, producing fewer emissions than other more costly fuel options. Propane autogas also continues to make inroads as a popular motor fuel. Read more.