Propane Appliances

Propane Appliances for Your Home

Improving your household comfort — inside and outside!

Propane can keep your house reliably warm, your showers steamy and your hot water taps flowing. But this fantastically versatile fuel has a range of other uses inside and outside the home.

From Beacon to Rochester and Binghampton to the Finger Lakes — and plenty of other New York communities — homeowners are enjoying superior comfort and top-tier amenities with the following propane products.

Water Heating
Outdoor Living

Propane Clothes Dryers

Laundry day is a breeze with a propane-powered clothes dryer. These units have shorter drying times because of exceptional heat, precisely timed cycles and moisture sensors. You can operate one for as little as $40 a year! Your clothes will also come out with fewer wrinkles, cutting down on your ironing.

Propane Ranges and Ovens

For a chef-quality cooking experience, use a premium propane stove. Propane ranges and ovens heat up fast, offer precise temperature control and cool down quickly. The moisture that propane heat creates also ensures your Thanksgiving turkey is never dry!

Propane Gas Fireplaces

A propane fireplace insert or gas log can transform your living room. Enjoy a stunning, cozy fire with the push of a button. There’s no chopping wood, adding logs, sifting through embers or cleaning up ashes. These propane products generate almost no particulate matter and boast fireplace efficiency ratings of around 90%.

Outdoor Living Products

Countless propane-powered amenities can turn your outdoor space into a popular destination for family and friends. Cook delectable feasts with a gas grill or outdoor kitchen. Warm up the whole group on a chilly night with a propane patio heater, firepit, fire table or outdoor fireplace. Propane pool heaters keep your water at the perfect temperature all year round, and propane lighting illuminates your home for pennies an hour.

Propane Standby Generators

Propane standby generators are there when the electric grid fails. You don’t even need to be home. These units come on automatically to keep your lights, electronics, HVAC system and medical equipment running. They can power your entire home or select rooms and appliances.

Your local propane dealer can help you find and install these and other fantastic home appliances and amenities. Use our dealer locator tool to get started.