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Propane Gas Makes Clean, Affordable Energy Available to Everyone

In comparison to other widely used fuels, propane has one of the lowest carbon emissions per million BTUs. Propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the national electric grid.

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Renewable Propane — Safe, reliable and economical

Propane is clean-burning and energy-efficient, and it’s becoming even more eco-friendly with the emergence of renewable propane.

What is renewable propane? Though molecularly identical to conventional propane, it’s produced using many of the same feedstocks as biofuel: animal oils, vegetable oils and biomass. These feedstocks are affordable and plentiful, and renewable propane’s production process has a low carbon intensity. So, the resulting fuel has a much smaller carbon footprint.

At the point of combustion, renewable propane is entirely carbon neutral.

Renewable propane burns in propane-fired appliances without modification. In fact, it’s already in use today, powering residential and commercial equipment and fueling cars that use propane autogas.

Increasing research and production means renewable propane will become cleaner and more widely available! In April 2022, 60,000 gallons of renewable propane arrived by train in New York, the first of many shipments to follow. We expect that, by 2030, renewable propane, propane and other innovative blends will be America’s most widely available, affordable, accessible zero-carbon solution!

You can find out more about the advances in renewable propane here.

As always, you can count on your local propane gas company to make reliable deliveries of clean, affordable propane—the Energy for Everyone in New York State.

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