Proposed NY carbon tax could cost your family $21,000 over 10 years. Help fight it. Click here.


propane tank

Propane Gas Makes Clean, Affordable Energy Available to Everyone

In comparison to other widely used fuels, propane has one of the lowest carbon emissions per million BTUs. Propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the national electric grid.

To learn about plans that would force New York residents to pay thousands of dollars in carbon taxes and more than $20,000 to convert your home to an electric heat pump, go here.

To find out more about propane’s contribution to improving the environment, go here.

As always, you can count on your local propane gas company to make reliable deliveries of clean, affordable propane—the Energy for Everyone in New York State.

Path to Zero
Path to Zero is a podcast focused on clean energy and the journey toward a low-carbon future. Zero emissions is a goal we can all get behind, but how do we meet the growing energy demands of the world AND reduce carbon in the atmosphere?