Propane Delivery Services

Information about propane automatic delivery and other programs

Your propane company will work closely with you to ensure you always have enough propane in your tank. How often you need deliveries depends on a variety of factors. Count on your New York propane company to tell you, based on your number of appliances and estimated use, how often you will need deliveries.

If this is the case, they may be able to put you on an automatic delivery schedule. Their computer system tracks how much fuel your home or business will typically use. They will then automatically deliver fuel to you, usually when your tank gets to be 25-30% full. This will significantly reduce the chance of running out of propane. You also won’t have to worry about calling for a delivery anymore.

If you call for your fuel

If automatic delivery is not an option or you simply prefer to monitor your fuel tank on your own, keep in mind these important points to ensure you don’t run out.

  • Check your propane gauge at regular intervals. When your propane tank level reaches about 30%, it’s time to call and schedule a delivery.
  • While your propane dealer may be able to make a delivery within a day in cases of extreme emergency, it is always best to provide a few days’ notice. This advance notice is necessary so your home or business can be added into a predetermined delivery route.

Other value-added services your New York propane company may offer:

  • a monthly payment plan to spread out your fuel payments throughout the year
  • a prebuy program to lock in your price and secure your supply for the year
  • an autopay program that deducts monthly payments automatically from your checking or credit card account

Please contact your local propane company to find out more about propane delivery service, automatic delivery and other programs that may be offered.