Furnaces and Boilers

Furnaces and Boilers

Dependable, robust heat through the coldest New York winters

New Yorkers know a thing or two about challenging winters. Whether you’re facing a gusty nor’easter, an unrelenting snowstorm, icy rain or days of sub-freezing temperatures, it’s crucial to have a home heating system that can stand up to extreme conditions.

For peace of mind and toasty comfort, it’s hard to beat a propane-fired boiler or furnace. Today’s propane heating systems are more efficient than ever before. They deliver reliable comfort for homes, businesses, schools and municipal buildings across the Empire State.

Propane Boilers

Today’s high-efficiency boilers boast annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 90% or above. Almost all the fuel you’re using goes right to heating up your radiators, baseboards or radiant floor systems. Very little energy is lost out of your chimney, which is great for your budget and the environment.

Modern boilers also have electronic ignition mechanisms, advanced combustion technologies and sealed combustion that uses outside air to fuel the burner to reduce drafts and safeguard your home.

Propane Furnaces

When you upgrade to a new propane furnace, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy dependable heating while using much less fuel. High-efficiency propane furnaces have AFUEs as high as 98%! You can effectively shrink your home or business’s carbon footprint along with your annual fuel costs. No wonder propane furnaces can qualify for Energy Star’s Most Efficient label.

You don’t need to sacrifice warmth for this efficiency, either. Propane furnaces consistently deliver air heated near 120°F, regardless of the outdoor temperatures.

Talk to your local propane provider about a heating upgrade!

Your local New York propane dealer can assist you in exploring your furnace and boiler options. As you might imagine, updating from an old or inefficient system to one of the high-performance products available now will make a significant impact on your operating costs. You could see immediate and considerable savings in your energy costs.

Not only that, but you might be eligible for discounts, propane rebates and tax incentives for installing energy-efficient heating equipment. Your propane partner can help you qualify for these financial benefits. Having a reliable propane company in your region also means you can receive regular boiler or furnace maintenance to keep your equipment running at peak performance and efficiency.

Use our convenient propane dealer locator to find a home heating partner near you.