Propane vs Heating Oil

The Benefits of Propane vs. Heating Oil

propane vs heating oil

Discover what clean, green, versatile propane has to offer!

What is a better choice for heating your home: oil or propane? Your New York neighbors who have converted their home’s heating system from heating oil to propane know the answer.


When you convert your home’s heating system to propane from heating oil, the price per gallon for your fuel usually drops substantially. Also, your new propane heating system is often 20% to 30% more efficient than comparable oil-fired heating system. Year after year, you will save money on your heating costs because of this improved energy efficiency.

And that’s just the beginning of how propane is a better choice for your home compared with heating oil. We’ll show you some more reasons that you should convert your home to propane.

Environmental friendliness

Propane leaves heating oil in the dust when it comes to environmental friendliness.

Because propane is so clean-burning, it is named as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy.

Propane is nontoxic and nonpoisonous. In the rare event of a leak, it will not harm the air, water, soil, aquatic or marine life, or plant life. Heating oil definitely can’t make that claim.

Ninety percent of the United States’ propane supply is produced domestically or in Canada. The crude oil that becomes shipping oil has to be shipped here from around the world.


Heating oil primarily does one thing: heat your home. It sometimes also runs your water heater.

Propane can do both better and more efficiently than heating oil. But that’s only the beginning because propane can do so much more!

Cooking with propane on a range, cooktop, or oven gives you precise and instant temperature control, even heating, and better results.

Propane clothes dryers get your laundry dry faster, with less wear, and fewer wrinkles.

A propane fireplace gives you cozy warmth and comfort with none of the work, smoke, and mess of a wood fire.

Outdoors, propane can make your back yard a staycation destination with efficient pool and spa heaters, cozy firepits and outdoor fireplaces, deck and patio heaters, and, of course, grills.

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