A recent survey found that while propane customers have exceptionally high levels of satisfaction, most don’t realize all the ways propane can enhance their comfort, save them money and fuel their lifestyle.

Propane is safe, efficient and clean burning, and most of it is produced right here in the U.S. Use propane to:

  • Heat your home: Propane-fired furnaces and boilers are much more efficient than oil and generate greater comfort than electricity. And by adding gallons, you may qualify for a lower price.
  • Heat water: Propane water heaters can save as much as 40% in operating costs versus electric units. They provide much more hot water faster, and come in both storage tank and tankless options.
  • Dry clothes: Propane dryers are almost twice as efficient as electric models.
  • Cook: Propane ovens and stoves offer more precise temperature control and are cheaper to run than their electric counterparts.
  • Put a glow in your fireplace: Imagine being able to start a fire with the flick of a switch. It’s possible with propane—and a propane fireplace delivers more heat into the room than a wood fireplace.
  • Supply emergency power: Propane is a popular choice as a fuel for whole-house backup generators. And since your fuel is stored right on your property, you can continue to enjoy all of the comforts of home until your power is restored.

How many ways are you using propane in your New York home?