Why Have Propane Prices Gone Up In New York?

A Look at What Influences the Propane Gas Markets Higher propane prices can be frustrating and downright painful at times. But try to take comfort in the fact that propane remains one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat your home and fuel your appliances. Propane does all this while reducing carbon emissions at the same […]

New York Schools Go All-in With Propane Autogas

New York Schools Go All-in With Propane Autogas A Breath of Fresh Air for New York Students Buses are vital to New York’s school system, but older diesel-fueled buses aren’t always great for the environment or the state budget. It’s no surprise, then, that more school districts throughout the Empire State are purchasing propane autogas […]

Propane is a Practical Green Alternative Fuel

An Eco-Friendly Energy Option for New Yorkers Propane gas is one of the greener fuel options. It’s also affordable and available to everyone everywhere, without requiring forced conversions to electric heat pumps, or overburdening the electric grid. Consider the facts: Propane gas, like natural gas, is clean-burning and highly efficient. Modern propane gas furnaces are […]

Propane Vs. Electricity: What Keeps You Warmer?

Propane Vs. Electricity: What Keeps You Warmer? Prolonged Power Outages Remain a Concern Every winter brings extreme weather to some part of the country, and along with that comes widespread power failures that leave many Americans without heat, sometimes for prolonged periods of time. Fortunately, millions of Americans have been able to rely on propane […]

Should I Convert My Water Heater to Gas?

Should I Convert My Water Heater to Gas? Here Are Four Good Reasons Beyond your furnace heating your home and your air conditioning keeping everyone cool, the most indispensable appliance in your New York home is your water heater. If you a have an old electric water heater, here are four excellent reasons you will […]

Propane and America’s Clean Energy Future

Propane and America’s Clean Energy Future Renewable Propane Gas Will Help Lead the Way When you use propane, you’re relying on a fuel that produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the grid. It can reliably and efficiently heat homes and water, fuel multiple indoor and outdoor […]

Is Propane or Electricity Better for the Environment?

There are many ways propane energy is a benefit to our environment, especially when compared to electric power. For example, propane emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity while producing the same amount of energy. Because propane generates more Btu’s than an equivalent amount of electricity, you need much less propane to […]

Owning A Propane Fireplace: 5 Benefits

Today’s propane hearths can be installed in your New York home as freestanding stoves, built-in fireplaces, and sealed fireplace inserts. These propane units give you all the warmth and comfort of a wood fireplace without the drawbacks, and with some great benefits that you just can’t get from a wood-burning hearth. For starters, you can […]

Why Doesn’t My Propane Tank Gauge Read 100%?

Have you ever checked the gauge on your propane tank right after a delivery from your propane company and noticed it only reads 80 % full? You may have thought, “What’s wrong here? I thought I was getting a fill-up?” Don’t worry. There is nothing wrong. In fact, everything is exactly right. Your tank gauge […]

Take Back Control with a Propane Generator

Propane Generators: Take Back Control

To show you how active the 2020 hurricane season has been so far, we have already gone through all 21 designated storm names on this year’s alphabetical list, with names beginning with Q, U, X, Y and Z excluded.