How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work? Not All Water Heaters Need to Store Hot Water If people were asked to describe a water heater, they might say it looks a lot like a giant tin can. Of course, what they would be describing is the storage tank for a typical water heater. The many […]

Residential Propane Tank Sizes

Residential Propane Tank Sizes What Propane Tank Is Right for My Home? Deciding on the correct size for your propane tank can be pretty simple, although there are some variables involved. Your New York propane supplier has a deep knowledge of typical usage, especially during the winter, so they’ll have a good idea what your […]

What is Propane Autogas?

What is Propane Autogas? It’s the Third Most Popular Vehicle Fuel With diesel fuel prices still painfully high and inventory levels in the Northeast much lower than average, propane autogas is looking like a better option every day. Propane autogas describes propane when it is used as a fuel for vehicles. Propane autogas is the […]

Propane vs. Electricity

Propane vs. Electricity Which One is Better for the Environment? There are many ways using propane benefits the environment, especially when you compare it to electric power. To start with, propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the grid. That’s something to think about the next […]

What Is Propane Made Of?

A Byproduct of Oil Refining. Natural Gas Production After you get a propane delivery or turn on your gas appliance, do you ever stop to wonder where that propane comes from in the first place? Propane was identified as a volatile compound in gasoline in 1910. Over the years, business leaders and scientists have worked […]

Do Tankless Water Heaters Use a Lot of Propane?

Do Tankless Water Heaters Use a Lot of Propane Comparing Usage with Other Propane Appliances If you’re looking to replace your home’s water heater, the best time to do it is before your water heater fails, which will force you into “panic-buying” a replacement system quickly. When you have the time to shop around, you’ll […]

How To Get the Most Out of Your Propane Grill

How To Get the Most Out of Your Propane Grill Using Different Temperature Modes or Heat Zones Today’s propane grills are renowned for providing precise temperature and heat control, which is a major reason so many New Yorkers have one in their backyard. Simply by turning the dial, you can instantly adjust the grill to […]

Renewable Propane Gas for a Clean Energy Future

Renewable Propane Gas for a Clean Energy Future A Clean-Burning Fuel That Delivers a Smaller Carbon Impact Propane gas is becoming increasingly popular among homebuyers for its energy efficiency and the many amenities it provides. That’s why, by 2025, the demand for propane in the United States is expected to reach more than 10 billion […]

Why Your Propane Gauge Never Reads 100%

Why Your Propane Gauge Never Reads 100% Understanding the 80/20 Rule for Propane Tanks If you’re someone who keeps a close watch on their propane tank gauge, you may have noticed that when your propane supplier delivered your fuel, they didn’t fill your propane tank all the way up to the 100% level. Don’t worry. […]

Safety Tips for Your Propane Grill

How to Grill Meat Safely and More May is National Barbecue Month! Actually, this celebration is just a fun way to encourage us to do some outdoor cooking now that the weather has warmed up. Not that we need much encouragement! Food just seems to taste better when it’s cooked outdoors. And if you’re fortunate […]