Propane industry COVID-19 update

The propane industry in New York is encouraging strict measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Technicians and drivers are trained to employ social distancing and hygiene methods such as:

  • Keep six feet distance from co-workers and customers
  • For cylinder exchanges, wash and disinfect cylinders (especially the handles) in accordance with the cylinder and valve manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Use (anti-static) gloves and protective glasses at all times in the plant
  • Restrict the number of people sharing common facilities at bulk plants
  • Clean and disinfect cylinder transport trucks before and after journeys
  • Do not shake hands or have any close contact with others
  • Maintain a clean work environment, washing hands regularly and and sanitize where necessary

If you have any questions about your provider’s deliveries or other services, please be sure to contact them directly. Visit our dealer locator.