Top 5 Reasons New Yorkers Should Grill with Propane

Propane grill

In some parts of New York, winter can seem to go on forever, with snow sometimes falling weeks into the official start of spring. But now the weather is warmer, Memorial Day is coming up and it’s definitely time to dust off the grill.

Which means it’s also time to revive the annual debate when it comes to grilling, What’s better, propane or charcoal?

Charcoal is great for the old-school, low-and-slow barbecue. But when it comes to easy weeknight dinners or lots of hot dogs and hamburgers for a cookout, propane is the grilling method of choice.

Propane is convenient

The average July temperature in New York State is 85 degrees. And in some parts of the state, there is plenty of high humidity to go around as well. On days like that, do you really want to be turning on the stove in the kitchen and heating up the house? When you grill with propane, all you have to do is step outside, turn on the propane, push a button, and your grill will be ready for you when you return with the food.

You’re in control with propane

One of the features people love about cooking with gas is the easy, precise control. Turn a dial, and the heat level is turned up or down instantly. That’s exactly what you get with propane grills. When you need high heat for grilled chicken spiedies followed by indirect heat for a rack of ribs, propane can do that! Charcoal can’t.

Keep it clean with propane

When you grill with propane, there’s no messing with lighter fluid, chimneys, or the messy after-meal disposal of ashes like with charcoal. When you’re done with your propane grill, turn off the grill, shut off the propane, clean the grates and go inside. Done!

Propane makes every meal delicious

Ignore the foodies who insist that the only way to get good grilled food is with charcoal.

Charcoal gives off a smoky smell and taste to food that can overpower other flavors in a food. And if someone gets a little too zealous with the lighter fluid, you’re also going to get an unappetizing whiff and taste of butane.

When you grill with propane, the flavors and seasonings in the food stand out, especially when it comes to lighter foods like fish, chicken breasts or fruit. And propane grills can handle everything from steaks to pulled pork.

Keep propane grilling safe

Keep your summer grilling filled with fun by following these safe practices:

  • Grill outdoors in a well-ventilated area, never in a garage or other enclosed area
  • When re-filling your cylinder, have it checked out for rust, leaks or damage
  • Keep your propane cylinder valve in the OFF position when the grill is not in use
  • Never store propane cylinders indoors
  • Always store cylinders upright

Find out more about how propane can make your summer grilling better. Contact your local New York propane supplier today!