Propane Generators: Take Back Control

Propane Generator new york

To show you how active the 2020 hurricane season has been so far, we have already gone through all 21 designated storm names on this year’s alphabetical list, with names beginning with Q, U, X, Y and Z excluded. By late September, we had moved on to the Greek alphabet, tracking the path of Tropical Storm Beta.

The Atlantic hurricane season continues until November 30 and affects the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

The most memorable storm for New Yorkers occurred in early August, when Hurricane Isaias made landfall in North Carolina and barreled all the way up the East Coast, In its aftermath, almost three million customers were left without power in the region, including tens of thousands here in the Empire State.

Of course, power outages are not solely caused by hurricanes. We also have to do battle with snow and ice storms in the winter as well as powerful thunderstorms, mostly in the spring, summer and fall.

That’s why a backup whole-house propane generator represents such a smart investment. When the power lines go down, your generator turns on automatically to keep your lights on, your appliances running and heat or A/C operating until the utility company can make repairs. In short, a propane generator gives you the power to restore your peace of mind.

Three important reasons to have a generator

  1. Family health. If anyone in your family relies on electricity for medical equipment, a back-up generator truly is a must have. It will also keep your A/C and indoor air quality equipment running on hot and humid summer nights, and your heating systems running when it’s dangerously cold.
  2. Property. A whole house generator won’t only keep your lights on, it will also keep your sump pump working to prevent flood damage and keep your pipes from freezing in the winter.
  3. Valuables. A back-up generator will keep home security systems up and running to protect your possessions, and your refrigerators and freezers on to keep food preserved.

What to do if you have a propane generator already

These tips will help you make sure you’re all set to handle the next power outage.

  • Check your fuel gauge. Make sure your generator has enough propane to get you through at least a week without power. Impassable roads or other emergency conditions could delay deliveries.
  • Test your generator by running it for 20 to 30 minutes every few months. Power it up to a full load, and if you encounter any problems, please call in a professional to get everything corrected. These test runs will also help keep critical parts lubricated.
  • Follow recommended maintenance guidelines. Maintenance is the key to reliable generator performance, and annual service is a must.

To find out more about propane generators, reach out to your local propane company today to learn about your options. If they don’t install generators, they can probably refer you to someone who does.