Take an RV Trip with Propane

RV trip

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about some road trips!

If you have an RV, you have so many possibilities for summer fun. National Park? Camping out at a lake? Taking the RV on a beach vacation? Going to the big family reunion?

Wherever you go, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, your bug spray, and propane.

Why propane?

Propane makes traveling in your RV so comfortable. It powers your stove, heats your water, runs the refrigerator and keeps the RV warm when nights get chilly.

You can also bring propane tanks for cooking in other ways besides on the stove. Grilling up a bunch of burgers and hot dogs is easy on a propane grill. And a propane-powered outdoor fryer can do so much more than deep-fry. It can cook a big batch of corn on the cob, or a classic seafood boil.

Propane containers are easy to store and don’t take up a lot of space, which means more room for the fishing gear. And with so many propane tank and cylinder providers around, you can easily swap for a new one wherever your summer travels take you.

If you’re camping, propane-powered heaters can make sure everyone stays toasty warm. Plus, propane-powered mosquito traps can make nights outside much more comfortable and itch-free.

With propane appliances being such an efficient fuel source — up to the high-90 percentage range — you pay less to power them. That means more money for the fun stuff!

Propane also generates far fewer emissions than gasoline, which means you’re helping to reduce your impact on the beautiful environments you’re visiting.

You have the option of portable propane cylinders or stationary propane tanks. Contact your local New York propane provider to find what type and size is right for your RV.

Safety first!

Don’t let an emergency ruin your vacation. Here are some propane safety reminders.

  • Have your propane equipment professionally maintained on a regular basis.
  • When using a propane stove or appliance inside your RV, have at least one door or window open.
  • Never use your propane stove for space heating.
  • Always transport your propane containers upright with the valves closed.
  • Never transport propane containers in the passenger or living areas of your RV.
  • Before using, carefully inspect your propane containers for damage, leaks or signs of corrosion and never use them if any of those are present.
  • Carefully check for leaks when connecting a replacement propane tank or cylinder.
  • If you smell the rotten-egg odor of propane inside your RV, vacate it immediately.
  • Be familiar with the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and leave your RV immediately and seek medical attention if you or someone else in your RV is showing signs of the condition.

Have fun

Get ready for your summertime RV travels by contacting your local New York propane provider and making sure you are all set with propane and related equipment.