Owning A Propane Fireplace: 5 Benefits

propane fireplace new yorkToday’s propane hearths can be installed in your New York home as freestanding stoves, built-in fireplaces, and sealed fireplace inserts.

These propane units give you all the warmth and comfort of a wood fireplace without the drawbacks, and with some great benefits that you just can’t get from a wood-burning hearth.

For starters, you can enjoy up to double the warmth and comfort of your fireplace without the mess of smoke, soot or ash that you have to deal with if you have an old wood fireplace.

You’ll not only get double the heat as wood fireplaces but you’ll spend one-third less. The difference is even more stark when you compare a propane fireplace to an electric fireplace since you’ll get about six times the heating capacity with propane. And a propane fireplace will continue to operate during power outages.

Propane’s Advantages Over Wood

  1. One-click convenience. Forget the bother of gathering, chopping or buying wood, not to mention having to spend time on clean-up and maintenance chores. With a propane fireplace in your New York home, all you’ll have to do is click “on” and “off” to enjoy a fireside evening at home.
  2. An attractive centerpiece for your favorite rooms. Today’s propane hearths produce realistic flames and come in a range of attractive styles and finishes, so they’ll make a perfect focal point for your living room or den.
  3. Safe, reliable operation. With a propane gas fireplace, you’ll have no more embers, unstable log piles, or dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney. Just follow maintenance guidelines—an annual inspection and cleaning are recommended—and your propane hearth will provide safe, reliable heat year after year.
  4. Save money. A propane fireplace operates much more efficiently than a wood fireplace, so you’ll pay less to stay warm. You’ll also eliminate the need for a chimney cleaning, saving even more money.
  5. A smaller carbon footprint. Clean-burning propane emits far fewer pollutants and less CO2 emissions than wood – that’s good for your health and good for our planet. A wood-burning fireplace emits up to 4,000% more emissions than a propane-fueled fireplace!

If you don’t have a propane fireplace yet, reach out to your local propane company or HVAC contractor for advice about your options. If you already have a masonry fireplace but want to enjoy the convenience of propane power, consider adding a propane fireplace insert or gas log set.

Spend less time setting up and cleaning up your fireplace and more time enjoying it. Propane can do that!