DIY Propane Equipment Repairs

Don't do it yourself

Thinking about DIY Propane Equipment Repairs? DON’T Do It Yourself!

In this digital age, it seems like people of all ages and skill levels are checking out You Tube videos for a quick-fix way to heal whatever ails their home. But what those videos don’t usually show is what happens when that amateur repair doesn’t go as planned.

That’s especially true when it comes to propane. Installing and repairing propane gas appliances should never be a do-it-yourself project because it can be dangerous. This is a job that should always be left to the professionals.

If your gas appliance needs a repair, or you want to install a new appliance, the only “tool” you should pick up is the phone. A certified and highly trained propane technician will come to your home and get your appliance safely repaired or installed. Remember:

  • Do not try to modify or repair valves, regulators, connectors, controls or other appliance and cylinder/tank parts. An improperly connected tank or appliance can cause a gas leak. If you want to move your tank, leave that to your propane professional.
  • Have older appliance connectors inspected. Certain older appliance connectors may crack or break, causing a gas leak. If you have an appliance that is more than 20 years old, have a qualified service technician inspect the connector. DO NOT do this yourself because movement of the appliance might damage the connector and cause a leak.

What you CAN do:

Help your appliances “breathe.” Check the vents of your appliances to be sure flue gases can flow easily to the outdoors. You should also clear away any insect or bird nests or other debris. Also clear the area around your appliance so plenty of air can reach the burner for proper combustion.

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