Propane is a Practical Green Alternative Fuel

An Eco-Friendly Energy Option for New Yorkers

renewable propane new yorkPropane gas is one of the greener fuel options. It’s also affordable and available to everyone everywhere, without requiring forced conversions to electric heat pumps, or overburdening the electric grid.

Consider the facts:

Propane gas, like natural gas, is clean-burning and highly efficient. Modern propane gas furnaces are 90% efficient, meaning very little heating energy is lost up the chimney and into the atmosphere. This also means your home burns less fuel to stay warm.

The minimal number of emissions released by a propane-heated house are cleaner than most alternatives. Propane contains virtually no particulate matter–a known carcinogen–and releases significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2) than other energy sources.

Homes with propane-fueled furnaces emit up to 50 percent less nitrogen oxide and 82 percent less sulfur oxide than technologies fueled by electricity. These emissions contribute to acid rain and cause respiratory ailments.

What Does the Future Hold?

Scientists are successfully increasing the renewable content of propane. At the point of combustion, renewable propane is carbon neutral, meaning zero new carbon is added to the atmosphere!

Of course, this important work will not continue if New York lawmakers stifle innovation and force full electrification. Propane is a vital part of a balanced energy plan.

It’s Now or Never!

Many New Yorkers are rightly concerned about proposed regulatory plans that would “electrify everything” in the state. While we support the goal of reducing carbon output (propane has always been considered one of the cleaner fuels), this plan would be a disaster for New York families and businesses without significantly impacting climate change.

The benefits of full electrification have been exaggerated, costs underestimated, and risks glossed over. Natural gas, propane gas and wood heating appliances, along with gasoline-powered cars, snowmobiles, and boats—would all ultimately be banned and/or carbon taxed. Expect to pay radically higher costs for all energy. Expect many more blackouts. Expect even more people and businesses to flee the state.

It’s Easy to Make Your Voice Heard

The Climate Action Council wants to hear what you think. If you’re happy using propane in your home and prefer it over electricity, please go here to make your voice heard.