2019 New York Propane Appliances Rebate Program Has Ended

Piggy bank

Thanks to so many consumers discovering all of the advantages of propane-powered appliances—and all of the ways they can save money—the 2019 NYPGA Appliances Rebate Program has been a smashing success over these past few months.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. But in this case, it won’t be forever.

Funds for the 2019 program will be exhausted at the end of April. This means that no more rebate applications can be processed for the time being. This has happened even though the 2019 budget of funds received from the Propane Education and Research Council for equipment rebates was increased over the 2018 amount. But as we’ve already noted, the response to this program has been overwhelming.

The good news is that the NYPGA is committed to making more rebate funds available for propane consumers in 2020. We will be working hard to make that happen. We are pleased that in just a short time, we have helped so many New York residents save money on the purchase of new propane equipment, including water heaters, boilers and furnaces.

Based on feedback from consumers who have taken advantage of this rebate program, the addition of new propane appliances has made a positive difference in both comfort and efficiency levels, while also adding value to the home.

More good news: Rinnai rebates

While the NYPGA Appliances Rebate Program has come to an end, there is another rebate you can still benefit from. Rinnai—a leading manufacturer of propane-fired products, is currently offering a special promotion: up to $100 off the purchase of qualifying Rinnai tankless water heaters, heaters and boilers. You can learn more here. As with any rebate program, this incentive only remains valid while funds last.

Research your options

As we approach the more leisurely time of summer, why not spend some time researching your options in new propane equipment? Start with propane water heaters, and find out why they cost much less to operate than electric heaters, with a hot water recovery rate that’s about twice as fast as electric models.

You can also find out why New Yorkers are warming up to propane—and saving money—by removing their old electric appliances and replacing them with modern, energy-efficient propane appliances.

If you want to research propane vs. electric costs further, reach out to your propane company.